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    Volcanic Wines

    Volcanic Wines



    Proposta Vini

    Volcanic Wines is a project born to enhance vines cultivated on volcanic areas. 

    The eruptive activity of Italian volcanos has given birth to lands with complete original and peculiar characteristics. Indeed, the rocks created from volcanic activities have incredibly different origins and composition that bring to the production of amazing wines, each one with a different story to tell. 

    “To cultivate on volcanic areas means being the guardian of ancestral knowledges and having a dynamic physicality that is necessary to sustain the hard work. These grapes are daughters of vines determined to absorb atmospheres sinking their roots in the most obscure virgin, primordial, mineral rich and complex soils”

    Gianpaolo Girardi

    Volcanic wines, for those who want in their own proposal labels that evoke the primordial history of the Earth, with tales of perfumes and very different tastes, according to the volcanic zone of viticulture. 


    Let's get to know better the areas and winemakers of Volcanic Wines

    Supervulcano della Val Sesia – PIEDMONT
    Completely reshaped extinct volcano
    SOCIALE DI GATTINARA, Gattinara (Vc)

    TRAVAGLINI Giancarlo, Gattinara (Vc)

    Piattaforma Porfirica Atesina - TRENTINO SOUTH TYROL
    Completely reshaped extinct volcano 
    CEMBRANI D.O.C., Lisignago (Tn)

    NICOLODI, Cembra (Tn)

    PELZ, Cembra (Tn)

    di PIFFER, Lavis (Tn)

    Lessini – VENETO
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    CORTENERA, Gambellara (Vi)

    LE BATTISTELLE, Brognolino di Monteforte d'Alpone (Vr)

    MENTI Giovanni, Gambellara (Vi)

    VIGNATO Virgilio, Gambellara (Vi)

    Euganei - VENETO
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    LA MONTECCHIA, Selvazzano Dentro (Pd)

    QUOTA 101, Luvigliano di Torreglia (Pd)

    Tuscia - TUSCANY
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    SASSOTONDO, Sovana (Gr)

    MOTTURA Sergio, Civitella d'Agliano (Vt)

    VILLA PURI, Bolsena (Vt)

    Albani - LAZIO
    Little reshaped extinct volcano 

    ANTONELLI Marco, Olevano (Roma)

    GIACOBBE Alberto, Paliano (Fr)

    Dormant volcano

    L'OLIVELLA, Frascati (Roma)

    Dormant volcano


    CANDIDATERRA, Ventotene (Lt)

    Roccamonfina - CAMPANIA
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    MASSERIA FELICIA, Carano di Sessa Aurunca (Ce)

    I BORBONI, Lusciano (Ce)

    IL VERRO, Formicola (Ce)

    Campi Flegrei– CAMPANIA
    Dormant volcano

    LA SIBILLA, Bacoli (Na)

    Vesuvio – CAMPANIA
    Dormant volcano

    VILLA DORA, Terzigno (Na)

    Ischia – CAMPANIA
    Dormant volcano

    CENATIEMPO, Ischia (Na)

    Dormant volcano

    SAN MARTINO, Forenza (Pz)

    Eolie - SICILY
    Little reshaped extinct volcano, Dormant volcanos, Erupting volcanos

    d'AMICO Salvatore, Leni (Me)

    di COLOSI, Messina
    Passito di Salina Cudi

    Etna – SICILY
    Erupting volcano 

    I VIGNERI, Milo (Ct)

    MURGO, Santa Venerina (Ct)

    SIVE NATURA, S.Agata Li Battiatti (Ct)

    di TERRE DI GIURFO, Licodia Eubea (Ct)
    Etna Rosso Nardalici

    Ustica – SICILY
    Dormant volcano

    HIBISCUS, Ustica (Pa)

    Pantelleria – SICILY
    Dormant volcano

    FERRANDES Salvatore, Pantelleria (Tp)

    Monte Arci – SARDINIA
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    di QUARTOMORO, Arborea (Or)
    Cannonau Òrriu, Vermentino Òrriu, Q Brut M.C., Z Sui Lieviti M.F.

    Nasca e Ravenna – SARDINIA
    Little reshaped extinct volcano

    TANCA GIOIA, Carlo Forte (Ci)

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