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This icon indicates the products that are part of our Projects, that is rare wines beyond the logic of standardisation.

    Wines from ungrafted vines

    Wines from ungrafted vines

    The great and tenacious ungrafted vines, which survived the philloxera

    Proposta Vini

    A special project that welcomes wines made from ungrafted vines, not implanted on American roots.  

    In the second half of the nineteenth century, phylloxera decimated viticulture of the Old World, which found itself defenceless against the parasite present in the healthy carrier vines coming from the New World.  

    Very few vines survived, lost in some volcanic or clay soils, in soils periodically invaded by water or in very snowy areas, and a few others resisted because they were able to live on their original root. We identified and welcomed them into our Project. 

    For those who wish to try original survived wines, characterised by a much stronger, sharper and more persistent character than those made from rootstock grapes. 

    wines from ungrafted vines

    Let's get to know better the areas and winemakers of Wines from ungrafted vines

    Morgex - VALLE D'AOSTA
    Tzandéan vineyard - Cave Mont Blanc
    Morgex pergola trained
    Cultivated with Prié Blanc

    Revò - TRENTINO
    El Zeremia vineyard - Zadra Lorenzo
    Espalier trained 
    Cultivated with Groppello di Revò

    Avio - TRENTINO
    Perciso vineyard - I Dolomitici
    Pergola Trentina trained 
    Cultivated with jagged-leaf Lambrusco 

    Brentino Belluno - VENETO
    Còi vineyard - Vallarom
    Pergola Trentina trained
    Cultivated with jagged-leaf Lambrusco 

    Brognoligo - VENETO
    I Rasoli vineyard - Le Battistelle
    Single Pergola Veronese trained
    Cultivated with Garganega

    Comacchio - EMILIA ROMAGNA
    Duna della Puia vineyard - Mariotti
    Renewed cordon trained
    Cultivated with Fortana

    Ponza - LAZIO
    A Catena d'ò Nonn vineyard - Antiche Cantine Migliaccio
    Long Ponzese trained 
    Cultivated with Biancolella

    Giuliano - CAMPANIA
    Santa Patena vineyard - I Borboni
    Alberata Aversana trained
    Cultivated with Asprinio d'Aversa

    Terzigno - CAMPANIA
    Vigna del Vulcano vineyard- Villa Dora
    Pergola Vesuviana trained
    Cultivated with Caprettone e Falanghina

    Bacoli - CAMPANIA
    Vigna Madre vineyard - La Sibilla
    Puteolana espalier trained 
    Cultivated with Piedirosso

    Castelvetere sul Calore - CAMPANIA
    Macchiusanelle vineyard - Fabio de Beaumont
    Pergola Avellinese trained
    Cultivated with Barbera

    Sant'Anna Arresi - SARDEGNA
    Culurgioni vineyard - Santadi
    Alberello trained 
    Cultivated with Carignano del Sulcis

    Carloforte - SARDEGNA
    Muristellu vineyard - Tanca Gioia Carloforte
    Cordone Speronato trained 
    Cultivated by Bovale

    Milo - SICILIA
    Caselle vineyard - I Vigneri
    Alberello Etneo trained 
    Cultivated with Carricante

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